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Google Penalty Removal Service

What Is Google Penalty?

For any website to be successful, it is greatly important to enjoy good visibility in Google, which is one of the most powerful search engines known to us today. Reports indicate that close to 70% of all organic traffic to websites come through Google, which shows that more than 70% of the internet users are making use of Google as their search provider. This has made everyone to try various means and ways to get ranked in this search engine. Some of these ranking efforts taken by the website owners are compliant with Google's algorithm while a very high percentage of these efforts try to use manipulative techniques and strategies that do not align with Google's algorithm. To ensure that the search results are of good quality, Google has launches number of updates to its own search algorithm and regularly cleans up the search results so as to retain its market share and to retain the trust of its users. In the process, a good number of websites that used manipulative ranking techniques and websites with poor content were penalized. Such websites lost their ranking. There are two types of Google penalties, automatic and manual review. In some cases, Google directly notifies webmasters of the issue that the search engine is facing with the website. In other cases, Google simply strips the ranking of the website without any notification. So if you have lost your website's ranking soon after an algorithmic update or if you have received some kind of notification from Google on your ranking, you need to make sure to act immediately to lift the penalty and to restore your ranking in Google. Contact TitleSEO for reliable Google penalty removal service.

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