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Link Baiting Service is one of the proven strategies that is found to be highly effective in building a good number of high value one way links in a natural way. Though search engines are interested in one way links in the link network of any website and rank websites based on the one way links that they have, they are very serious about considering the value of the one way links that each website has in its link network. This makes it more important for websites to implement strategies like link baiting in order to build more high value one- way links. Implementation of this strategy will greatly help you in building more one way links that will all be established in a natural fashion. Also, as search engines highly appreciate links that are generated naturally, all the links that are established through implementation of a Link Baiting Service will be given higher priority.

Our experts will be able to professionally implement the strategy for you without any complications. Link Baiting Service is a link building strategy in which highly interesting and attention grabbing articles will be developed and distributed in high traffic networks from which interested users reading the articles will get linked with the article. This will obviously generate a one way link for your website as the source article will have the URL of your website included in the article. Implementation will involve content writing and distribution, and both the phases involved will be taken care of by our experts. Our content developers, who have professional experience in developing hundreds of articles, will develop highly appealing and keyword rich articles for an article submission about your website. The articles that are developed will then be distributed in high traffic networks where there will be a higher chance of getting more internet users to read the article and get linked.

The quality of our service is premium because we assure that all the aspects involved in the implementation of the strategy will be done by our professionals, who have great experience in implementing Link Baiting Service for hundreds of websites. The effectiveness of link baiting services will always depend on the quality of the article that is used as the bait article. It will also strongly depend on how well the strategy is implemented by distributing the bait article in quality networks where there will be large groups of good quality traffic available. Implementation of a link baiting strategy will greatly help the website in building more high value one way links in a natural way. There will also be more chances for more people to visit the website, and the sales level will obviously improve. If you are interested in impressing the search engines by building more high value one- way links in a natural fashion, it will be best to hire our cost effective link baiting service and start expanding your link network.

Link Baiting Service Package - [Quality Updated - Jan-2016]

  Plan-1 Plan-2 Plan-3 Plan-4
No. of LB Blog Post 5 10 25 50
Keywords 5 10 15 25
Backlinks 5 10 25 50
No. of bookmarks 500 1000 2500 5000
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No. of LB Blog Post 5 10 25 50
Service Quality Updated
[As per New Search Engine guideline.]
Detail Report
Duration 30 Days 30 Days 50 Days 60 Days
No. Of Reports 5 10 25 50
Cost $199 $399 $949 $1799
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Link Baiting Service - FAQs

What is link baiting service? Link baiting is the process of getting good quality one way links for your website using good quality content as the bait for the links. Good content will be posted in your blogs and popularized in the top networks. This will attract a lot of visitors to your blogs who will be encouraged to link to the quality content found in your blog.
What will be the nature of the back links that you get from this service? All the links you get from our link baiting service is natural links. Moreover, all the links you get will also be permanent one way links.
How will the links that you get help my website? As all the links will be natural links it will help your website greatly as Google loves natural links and your website’s link popularity and your ranking will improve with time. Your website will start receiving good traffic from top networks on the web.
Will I need to pay any recurring fee for the links I get? No, you just need to pay your one time fee for the setting up of this service and for the link baiting process. All the links you get thereafter are not charged. You don’t have to incur any further expenses when you hire our link baiting service.
Do I need to give you the articles to be posted in my blog? No our link baiting service includes article creation as well. We will create the articles with the help of highly experienced SEO writers. All the articles will be relevant to your niche and they will also be very interesting. These articles will attract a lot of visitors to your blog.
Will you install my blog? Yes, if you do not already have a blog installed in your website we will install the blog free of cost.
Will you customize my blog to suit the look and feel of my website? Yes, we will also be able to customize the blog to suit the look and feel of your website at a very reasonable fee.
Do I need to post the articles in my blog or will you be able to do it on my behalf? It is totally up to you, if you want us to post the articles in the blogs we will be happy to do it for you without any additional charges.
What happens after you post the articles in my blog? After the articles are posted in the blog, we will start promoting your articles in the top networks by using social bookmarking. This will start driving traffic to your blog articles.
How exactly do I get links from this service? When you hire our link baiting service, you will get your back links in a natural fashion. The first set of links comes from the social bookmarks that we make to promote the blog articles. Secondly, when the visitors to your blog start linking to your website, you will start getting more natural links. Your links count will increase naturally over a period of time boosting your online link popularity.
Will your link baiting service improve my search engine ranking? Yes, our link baiting service will certainly help you improve your search engine ranking and also your online visibility.